About me

My two passions in life are: yoga and travelling. It was my love for practising asanas that inspired me to travel to India - the birthplace of yoga. The journey I took in 2000 became a turning point in my life. That event changed the later course of action that I followed.

Being in India, where I was exposed to the Eastern culture, both my passions merged into one and became one journey. It happened because, on the one hand, I entered an inner, spiritual realm; on the other, I visited new places and came into contact with interesting people and traditions. In other words, the combination of yoga and travelling let me connect two worlds: the external world of objects, which we mainly pay attention to while travelling, and the inner world of our minds, which we discover engaging our hearts and intuition.

Before my travel to India, I had got a degree in finance and started working in a corporate world, For many years I was combining my professional life with my two passions. As a finance director, I was constantly under the pressure of time, deadlines, new projects and team management. However, thanks to yoga practice, I was able to maintain balance and effectively reduce stress induced by the intensity of my duties and the corporate environment.

After 14 years of a successful career, I felt that I wanted something more from life. I felt the desire to live a life filled with passion. I had a dream that had been hidden deeply in my heart for many years. I wanted to do what I loved doing, something that brought me joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. I swapped my highly promising career to something that fascinated me more. Thus, I made a groundbreaking choice- the choice only a few people dare to do. I found joy in helping others and teaching them yoga. It was such a joy to observe positive changes in the bodies and minds of people who practised with me. When my parents joined my classes, which was a very important moment for me, yoga proved to be for everybody, regardless of his or her age and condition.

But let’s come back to my first experience as a yoga teacher. I started working as a yoga instructor at Szczecin School of Classical Yoga, where for many years I was teaching different level classes. Meanwhile, I completed an international Shivanada Yoga teachers' course in India (TTC Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwatari Ashram, Neyyar Dam, India). The course gave me an opportunity to see yoga from a broader perspective. In addition, I gained the certificate of Sports and Recreation Instructor. I have also taken part in yoga workshops all over the world, learning different styles an approaches. Thanks to that, I have experienced various aspects of this spiritual path and have developed a better understanding of yoga essence. I also became fascinated by therapeutic yoga, practice aimed at specific needs and benefits of certain people.

Today, yoga is an indispensable part of my life. It is a way of learning myself, my abilities and limitations. Thanks to yoga, on a daily basis I discover that everything we need to experience happiness is within us. During my classes we create a space free from obstacles both in our bodies and our minds. Yoga has inspired me to strive both on the yoga mat and in my life to lead a life full of peace, harmony and awareness of the body, breath and my state of mind. I hope that after a class with me you will also feel energized and balanced and sense some new space in your mind and body. As yoga and ayurveda are two intertwining sister sciences, I offer ayurvedic massages, too. The combination of yoga and ayurveda will enable you to regain balance and well-being. It will also help you know how to react to disharmony, reduce the excesses and provide yourself with what you need.

What about my second passion - travelling? I have visited a number of countries on four continents. I have spent wonderful moments in Malaysia, made trekking around Annapurna in Nepal, visited Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Borneo, India, Bali, Australia and Mexico. However, it has been Asia that has touched me the most deeply, so far.